You can run, but you can’t hide…

Canada beware, Valentines Day is coming Credit: Single? Taken? Happily in love? Undecided? Looking at options? Polygamous? Weighed down by ball and chain? No matter what your relationship status may be, you can’t outrun Valentine's Day! It’s everywhere; the hearts, stuffed bears, candy, roses, banners, lingerie, champagne, chocolates, posters, cards…and it continues. If you’re cowering under the couch in terror by now, don’t worry, I get you! So instead of piling on more fluffy hearts and faded roses, I’ll show you the fun sides of Valentine's Day! (And no, mocking singles doesn’t count!)


Well, get ready to mingle! Whilst about 15 million Canadian are living together as couples of all variations, roughly 11 million smoking hot, intelligent and witty Canadians are single at this very point in time! So this Valentines Day, why not find that special one (or two, three, four… if you’re so inclined), nothing can stop you! Well, unless if you’re snowed in in Yukon Territory. That could put the finding of a special one on hold for a bit… valentines day: time to find your other half Credit:

Want her to say “I do”?

If you want to propose on Valentine's Day and you think you’re the first Brainiac to have this amazingly sweet, romantic idea, think again! On average, there are 250,000 proposals that take place on Valentine's Day each year. One thing’s for sure though – you won’t ever forget the proposal date… Another fascinating number to chew on: 189 million stems of roses and $1.2 billion worth of chocolate are sold in the US on V-Day alone. Clearly, money does buy love Valentines day: a day for proposals Credit:

Alternative love-fests

If Valentine's Day and the celebration of your blossoming love are really, really your thing, why not make the 14th of every month a day of love? Yes, you may revel at my smartness now… but unfortunately for my ego, the South Koreans had that idea first! The 14th of every month is associated with a love-holiday in some way in South Korea, whether it be to celebrate existing love, to drink to love or sorrow or to weep about singlehood. The 14th of April is Black Day, a gathering of singles, dressed in black, indulging in noodles with black bean curd, who mourn their loneliness together, in hope of finding love in a lonely place… Valentines day in south korea Credit:

Dodge the dreaded doghouse

So, what present are you getting your loved one(s)? The wrong flavour of chocolates, the wrong colour roses, and the card that’s a tad too naughty… that could go south! Luckily for you, Canadians seem to have a very romantic streak. Polls have shown that almost 50% of Canadians have said that the best part of Valentines Day was just spending time together. But if you’re still doubting, why not try getting a Bonsai Tree Kit – that way, you can sow a tree together and watch your love symbolically grow! Valentines day: watch you love grow with a bonsai Credit:

Some passionate, slotty loving!

Royal Vegas Canadian Online Casino is also gearing up for some Valentines’ loving and the reels are heating up with passion! Why don’t you get into the mood for Valentine's Day with one of our newest gaming additions, Secret Romance? Champagne, chocolates, perfume, diamonds and sealed love letters set the mood in this game as you spin your way to romantic wins! What better way to spend Valentine's Day... Secret Romance: Spend valentines day with us

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