Verification documents – what, where, how?

Submit your documents for checks at Royal Vegas and have your account verified in no time!Royal Vegas takes security at the casino seriously so that you can relax and have fun with our games without worries. To keep Royal Vegas a safe place to play, processes like account verification are needed – we’ve put together this info pack to explain what verification documents are, why they are requested by player security and what happens during the process.

Account verification FAQs

1) What are verification documents & why are they needed?

Essentially, what the verification documents show the casino is (to quote the player security specialists) that the player ‘is who s/he says s/he is’. This is required by eCogra, a gaming industry organization that has certified the casino is a safe and fair place to play and it also audits the casino processes regularly.

2) When do I need to send them?

In a nutshell, you’d receive a request from our player security department if you need to send in your verification documents. Some of the players get the request for their documents right after registration. Others may receive the notification as a random spot check, or when a withdrawal is pending

3) What documents do you want?

There are a few different kinds of documents that are used in the process to check that all the details registered on the account are accurate and up to date.

Document type requested What is it for?  
  • A copy of an official (=government-issued) photographic identity document
  • This is an official proof of your name and date of birth – we need to make sure you are within the legal age of majority when you play at the casino
  • Most recent fixed utility bill (no older than 3 months old at the time of submitting the documents for the review)
  • This shows the casino that you live in the address registered – water, gas, and electricity bills are good; if you don’t have these, you can check with our Support what you could send instead
  • Copy of any cards used for depositing at the casino (if they’re not virtual/prepaid cards; the CVC number at the back is not required and can be covered in the picture)
  1. Front of the card: player security will check the card number, expiration date and that the card is in the player’s name
  2. Back of the card: player security checks the player’s signature on the card

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4) How can I send the documents safely?

The preferred method at the casino is uploading them via the casino lobby – if documents have been requested, there would be a special message waiting for you, and the connection is protected by the same SSL-encryption that also protects your online banking transactions. The feature has full instructions for the process so it’s easy to get the job done, step by step. The option will also be added to our mobile casino (at the time of writing it was still in development). Should the upload-feature not be available for you for any reason, you can also email the documents to our player security team; please check the secure sending address with our Support team before sending.

Step 1) Get digital copies of the documents

Preparing the documents is the first step in the process – make sure you have all the requested documents ready, as next you’ll be transferring them to an electronic format (so that you can upload them). Sending through your documents is easy as everything happens electronicallyThe easiest way to get electronic copies is to scan or digitally photograph the documents one by one… These days most mobile phones and tablets have decent cameras, and make light work of this step. Please make sure that:

  • You photograph both sides of the documents
  • Each image shows all four corners of the document
  • The image is clear, legible and in colour
  • The file format used is one of the accepted types (jpg, jpeg, bmp, gif, png or xps)

Your frequently asked questions about verification documents – answered!

Step 2) Copy the documents to casino

At this point you'd have the electronic copies - now it’s time to upload them in the casino lobby. The process is really easy as you can either:

  • Upload the image file from your computer or
  • Drag and drop it where requested if you have saved it on your Desktop

If you have any problems with this step, let our support know as they’re available 24/7. Uploading your electronic documents for verification in the casino lobby

Step 3) Check the documents and send them for checks

After you have uploaded the documents, you can check them for one last time (are they legible, showing all four corners and in the right format) before sending them off to our player security department. Check and submit the verification documents easily in the casino lobby If you need to re-upload anything, you can at this point. When you’re ready to send off the documents, click on Submit.

Step 4) Time to congratulate yourself on a job well done!

The confirmation screen will come up when you’ve successfully submitted the documents, and you’ll also receive a confirmation email from player security department confirming the receipt in due course. You can contact support anytime if you need a hand with the document upload Like support, our player security department works around the clock – you can expect the document verification to be completed within 48 hours of submission. Once the documents have been approved, a confirmation of the approval will be recorded in your account info for future reference. Back to top

More questions?

If your question was not answered here, you can contact our support team anytime as they are also well-versed in the ins and outs of the verification process. We hope you enjoy your games at the casino and have fun as you play – remember, we’ve got your back when it comes to security!

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