Weird But Useful Health Tips

True health tips Source: Health Improvements You might have been told that wrapping a warm towel around your head with onion slices will cure a cold. The onions draw out the cold apparently… Yes, we wouldn’t put much stock in this one, although there are some who will swear by it. Instead, we’re going to focus on a few weird health tips that are actually proven to work. Best of all, they are tips that don’t require you to spend any money, or start drastically changing your lifestyle. Just take note, put the tip into practice, and pat yourself on the back for being a little smarter than you used to be. And a whole lot healthier!

Don’t Brush Right After Eating

You might have had someone mention to you that it isn’t a good idea to brush your teeth right after eating. Hogwash, you thought. It turns out that this is one of the true ones, although it really only applies to having just eaten especially acidic food. Citrus fruits and tomatoes being good examples. Brushing after these types of foods only aggravates the acid, by the process of attacking the enamel in your teeth. So, it’s best to wait a little while before brushing. Just half an hour to 45 minutes should do the trick.

Muscle Doesn’t Weigh More Than Fat, But…

There is an often-used phrase that muscle weighs more than fat. This is absolute nonsense, sort of like saying that a kilogram of feathers weighs more than a kilogram of stone. The real trick is that although muscle doesn’t weigh more than fat, it happens to be far more compacted, and thus granting the slim, muscled physique you’re after. Either way, the point is that constantly stepping on the scale when you start going to gym is a bad idea. You might get demotivated seeing you’re not losing any weight, but it isn’t really the point of the exercise. Rather take notice of how your clothing fits. Enjoying a healthy dose of down time is another good tip. Take some time for yourself and see if you can land a big win playing Roulette at Royal Vegas Casino. You’ll feel happier and more energised for sure. Online roulette Play Goldwyn's Fairies

Eat More To Lose Weight

This one is especially good to know. Carbohydrates are indeed bad if you’re trying to lose weight. They tend to simply jolt your blood sugar levels and make you hungrier with each bite. However, put a pinch of protein into the mix and you have a very different result. Cheese or peanut butter on a cracker will make you full, and satisfied. Hence, you’ll ultimately eat less, and lose weight. Of course, this isn’t an excuse to stop exercising, and is just part of the weight loss process. Don’t be lazy.

Work Out To Feel Energised

Is there anything less appealing at the end of a long day, than the thought of having to work out? It’s an age-old problem that we all face. But, physical activity helps the blood flow, which in turn means more oxygen to all parts of your body. The result; more energy than you had before. Admit it, once you actually start working out, you quickly get to wondering as to where all the energy seems to be coming from. Well, now you know why. On the other hand, working out in itself should be done smartly. Don’t push yourself too far, or you’ll just land up with a body aching so much you’ll never want to work out again. Moderation in everything, even exercise, is a good motto to live by.

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