Your July Gambling Forecast

July Gambling Forecast Source: Pixabay June was an interesting month for all the star signs. Let’s take a look at how the month of July is shaping up, so that you can be sure jump at the opportunities that present themselves!


Aries, you usually aren’t the kind to beat around the bush, and procrastinate. So why is July turning into a long, boring procrastination?  It isn’t in your nature, and something you should overcome quickly. Make a decision and stick to it. After all, the early bird catches the worm, and normally has fuller pockets.


Someone has really let you down, Taurus, and that has put you in a defensive state of mind. Remember that everyone has to suffer disappointment from time to time. Put it in the past. Keeping defences high only serves to bar out potentially good people. Forget the past, take some risks, and allow yourself to have some fun.


A group has really been getting under your skin lately. It’s times like this when you have to remind yourself to be the bigger person and simply walk away. You can then move on and look at more fun activities. Learning, travelling, creative new projects, or maybe playing a few online casino games will go a long way to help you forget.


It’s a good time for you, Cancer. Summer is here, and you’re happily grounding yourself at home, relaxing, and enjoying your own space. Have a few friends over and enjoy your relaxed state of mind, or maybe just spend some quality alone time, and lounge about enjoying a few games.


For you, Leo, July is about finding a balance between work and play. Your career seems to be evolving nicely, and could use some focus. But then it’s also your birthday month, and time should be made for a bit of fun. Strike the magical balance. Fortunes can be made with both work and play, after all.


Things are going right as rain for you, Virgo. Work is falling right into place, and you’re finally making progress in all the career areas that matter. Don’t give up now. Keep cracking on, and the rewards for your efforts will be just around the corner. Just don’t forget to take some time out!


A bit of nonsense has entered into your life recently, and you engaged with it, despite your best efforts. Don’t worry, it can be overcome, and you can benefit from the victory. Ride the wave of victory and take advantage. One success deserves another, and you might find victory spreads to other areas too!


Success is on the horizon, Scorpio, and you can feel it. Just remember that success often takes collaboration. Don’t be afraid to engage with nearby allies, as two heads, or more, are always better than one. With success always comes fortune, and you can always use more.


A big opportunity is coming your way, Sagittarius, and you better be ready to grab it. Remember that grabbing onto opportunity with both hands is key. Risk always equals reward; so don’t let this potentially huge event pass you by. If the stars say it’s coming, keep an eye out for it!


A wish come true is around the corner, Capricorn. It’s possibly something you’ve tried and failed at before, but now is the time to achieve that illusive big success. Remember that dedication and persistence pays off, and often in a very big way.


It’s been a brooding time for you, Aquarius. You usually work things out for yourself, but your current anxieties and woes need a helping hand. Talk through your dilemmas with a friend, and feel your heart lighten. Then you can get back to enjoying yourself, and seeking entertainment.


There is something you’re after, Pisces, but are afraid to take the plunge. Remember that nothing ventured, nothing gained, and risk equals reward. Take a chance, throw caution to the wind, and invite potential big success into your life. You never know what could be around the corner!

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