Your September Gambling Horoscope

  What the stars have in store for you Source: Forever Conscious July and August were interesting months for all 12 signs of the Zodiac. Here is a look at what September could hold for you, and what might be in store in the coming weeks.


For you, Aries, September is going to be about self-acceptance. Though, this acceptance of yourself will be the ticket to better understanding those that matter most in your life. Plus with self-acceptance, comes new opportunity, and more chances to throw caution to the wind and try new and exciting things.


For Taurus it is a time of reinvention after the storm. With August having been a tough month, it is now time to reclaim your time in the spotlight. Rewards are incoming for hard work already extended, so simply be sure to embrace the rewards as they are presented to you.


Now is the time, Gemini, to accept that being alone is not really the worst thing that can happen to you. If one of your relationships has been degrading, perhaps it is time to part ways. In addition, with your newfound precious alone time, it might not be a bad idea to try new things. It might be time to try out a new online casino that you’ve had your eye on, pick up a new hobby, or something else fun.


For you, Cancer, it is a time of putting in hard work, committing, and accepting that rewards are sometimes a case of persistence and patience. Though, the hard work also means that the rewards, possibly jackpot in size, will be ever more appreciated when they finally do arrive.


Leo, the time is drawing near for a close relationship to transform into something new. Remember that any relationship built on a strong foundation can transcend, no matter how hard times get. With new beginnings, it is never a bad idea to take a few risks, and have a bit of fun, wherever you can find it.


For you, Virgo, the coming month is about finding balance. Multiple aspects of life are demanding your attention, and finding the middle ground is often best. Don’t forget to take a bit of time for yourself as well and enjoy some exhilarating entertainment.


Remembering to shake up your relationship with yourself is important, Libra. Who will love you if you don’t set the bar high by loving yourself? Personal time is a must this month, and finding rewards in that personal time is essential.


Scorpio, this is the month that you start letting your heart and head work in tandem, as opposed to against one another. Accept what you want, go for it, and put all judgement aside. Only then will you reap the rewards that are due.


Seek creativity in the coming month, Sagittarius, and let your focus on finances come to fruition in their own way. There is, after all, more than one way to satisfy your financial needs, and earn an extra buck.


Relationships may seem like they’ve been spiralling into soap opera territory, so it’s time to sit back and remember that relationships are also supposed to be fun. Never forget that taking risks and enjoying yourself are what life is all about.


You need not be afraid, Aquarius. Your hard work now will pay off in the future, though there are still delays and challenges to be faced. Let the law off attraction bring you the rewards you’re anticipating.


A new relationship is incoming, Pisces, you need only remember to be accepting of it, in order to receive the full potential. Remember that all relationships, with others, objects or entertainment, have their place in your life, and offer benefits.

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