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Online Craps Royal Vegas Canada

A game popular amongst filmmakers for its proclivity to draw large, boisterous crowds, craps has a long and storied past that stretches as far back as ancient Rome. The game is played with a pair of dice and a large tub-shaped betting table and features a number of complicated betting types. As Canada’s top online casino, Royal Vegas offers a variety of different online table games including online craps. In addition, the casino offers online craps on both our Desktop and Mobile casino platforms ensuring you can play anytime and from anywhere.

The Origins of Craps

Many believe that craps is a simplified version of the game Hazard, a game created by medieval English knights as they lay siege to the castle Hazarth in 1125 AD. The game was then simplified and the word castle corrupted into the game’s modern name by soldiers in World War II. The game travelled with the allied forces across Europe growing in popularity. With the end of the war, the game made its way to The United States and into modern brick-and-mortar casino establishments. When the digital age gave birth to the online casino, craps became nothing more than an added extra into most casino’s offerings with the game never really capturing an online following.

The Pass Line Bet

More than most online casino games, craps requires an intimidating large learning curve to master and enjoy properly. This is due largely to the complex betting table design and multitude of different kinds of betting types each with their own set of rules and requirements.

Although intimidating at first, craps does offers a single basic betting type that allows for an easy entry point for new players, the pass line bet. This betting type requires players to first place their bets on the section of the table marked Pass Line. The shooter (the player) is then required to roll either a 2 or 3 for an instant win (a roll of 7 or 11 is an instant loss). If any other number is rolled that number becomes the point and a player is required to roll a 7 to win. If the point number is rolled again, the bet loses.

The pass line bet is that simple. Play online craps at Royal Vegas Canada by visiting the Table Games menu and clicking on the Craps link.

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